Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Online Earning History

From my personal diary:
In February 2012 (The fix date is unknown), 
My friend Masud Rana call me and said, "Have you internet connection in your computer?"
- Yes, but why?
- Then, you can earn money from internet.
- How?
- Actually I don't know but my room-met earn money. Come and see.
- Ok. I'll come.
A few days letter I went to Jessore to see how he earn money from internet. Going there, I saw that he is working in Dolancer, a very popular PTC site of Bangladesh. That time he (Masud's friend) showed me the detail. I saw that he is click on ads and brows that site only 30 seconds and close that brawser. Then he said to me to join with him. It was MLM system. 8500/=TK registration fee.

 He showed me the system thus-

 After showing this I could not agree with his argues because I will earn money by working but why shall I register by money? I thought that one day this company will be vanished. I said to Masud Rana that this work is not suitable for me because one day this company will must be vanished. Then I come back home.

 After come back home and I said to Rasel Vay. He said that I know about this. I will go to Dhaka to learn this work. One week letter, Rasel come back from Dhaka. And I saw that he has open 4 ID in DOLENCER 4*8500= 34000 taka.
Next day I saw that he is working  and he also invites me. But I told him that, I'll talk with you about online earning, when I could earn money from internet without investment.

Then I come back from his shop and buy a night time internet data pack in my Banglalink Mobile. SIM No was - 01913917350. 26th February 2012, sunday. This is the first time when I had bought unlimited internet.  time was 12am to 8am. I was used my Nokia X2 mobile as internet modem. 

After connect to internet on my PC, I went to and wrote "How to make money online without investment?" and press the enter button.
I have got 10 results on first search page.  As I'm using internet first time, many English word was unknown to me. So it was very hard to understand a page at first time. Then I had take the help of my dictionary. 
My dictionary was - 
Bangla Accademy English-Bangla Dictionary.
Oxford English Advance Learners Dictionary,
Joy pocket dictionary.

Anyway it was taking sometime to find out word from the dictionary. For this reason I had collect 3-4 dictionary software from the market and install it on my computer. After the it was very easy to fond word and realized the matter  easily.

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